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After 5 weeks of rest that was the happiest 3 miles I’ve ever run! Thanks Jen & Karen!

After 5 weeks of rest that was the happiest 3 miles I’ve ever run! Thanks Jen & Karen!

Thoughts During an Aqua Jog

Here are some things I thought about during my hour long aqua jog on Saturday:

- This water is freezing

- It doesn’t look that nice outside

- At least I will be protected from skin cancer

- Really, kids? You have an entire half of a pool and you need to play in the open lane??

- If that f-ing football comes anywhere near my head I will destroy it

- Visualize every finish line ever. How badly do you want to BQ?

- Kids are gross

- Pump your arms! No more T-Rex arms!!

- Who is more bad ass, Aeneas or Achilles? Answer: Hector

- “Arma virumque cano/ Troiae qui primus ab oris/Italiam fato profugis…” crap, that’s all I can remember

- Light is both a wave and a particle. That’s interesting. 

- My heart rate sure is going nuts, yay for intervals

- The guy next to me sure has a splashy stroke

- Speedo sighting!

- Those two lap swimmers have been chatting and not swimming for quite a while. Maybe they are on a swim date. Maybe they’ll start making out. At least that’d be something to look at.  

- Ok, let’s get out of this pool and go do some core

- Don’t fall down

Afternoon fun

Afternoon fun

Surviving (and maybe thriving?) During Injury

Monday makes 2 weeks of stress fracture-induced rest. I’m hoping an additional 2 weeks will make my foot all happy. Not being able to run is sort of the worst, but I’m trying to use this time to do all of the things that I should incorporate into my regular routine while eating (mostly) as healthy as possible. This has included trying hot yoga (holy crap, it’s hot), strength training (now with 10 lb dumbbells!), and aqua jogging (snore).

Also plenty of hiking with this guy

And while these things do not even come close to equaling the endorphin-laced joy of running, they have provided a certain satisfaction.  Plus, I’m staring to see some muscles - maybe I’ll get nice and toned!

Keeping busy with the gym, pool, and yoga has helped me still feel “in the game” too. It’s hard feeling left out of running with my friends - I miss them. And what if they all get too fast for me??!!

Just trying to remind myself that all of this additional work will help me come back stronger, assuming I don’t die of boredom from aqua jogging. How do you survive injury?

Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon ReCap

I should preface this by saying that about a week before this race I discovered that I have a stress fracture/reaction in my foot. I decided at the last minute to still race because (1) I’m crazy and (2) this is the only race that I really care about for the near future. 

The Day Before

I don’t know who those people are

Packet pick-up on Saturday was quick and easy then we had a gorgeous day on the beach, which probably zapped some energy but hey, when in Rome, right? I had a delicious dinner courtesy of Jason and Kim and went right to sleep around 10. 

The Race

The race started at 6:45 am. When the alarm went off at 5:30 I sprang out of bed and clapped my hands with excitement. Ok, that didn’t happen. But I did slowly roll myself out of my comfy Hampton Inn bed to eat an english muffin with pb&j and part of a banana while questioning my life decisions. The start was about a mile from the hotel, so the Bull City crew temporary-tatted up and jogged over for a warm-up. Jen and I found the 1:45 pacer and waited. Frank Shorter said a few words which made me believe he’d had a few mimosas already and off we went.

The first few miles felt good. My goal pace was 8:12 (practice BQ pace) for a goal finish of 1:47, stretch goal of 1:45. I was happy keeping those first few miles in the low 8’s, figuring it was money in the bank. Unfortunately, I apparently suck at banking.

Around mile 6/7 we entered a fancy neighborhood and that was the beginning of the end. The rolling hills (particularly the downhills) made my foot very unhappy. I saw my pace start to fall off and as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t pick it up, which was incredibly discouraging. Finally, around mile 9 I decided it was time to throw in the towel and DNF. However, this neighborhood was both seemingly never-ending and incredibly boring. The thought of having to walk it was kind of soul crushing. I decided to try and ignore the pathetic 8:20ish pace and just finish, knowing that my precious 1:45 wasn’t going to happen. 

The good part is that when you get out of the neighborhood there’s only about 2 miles left, but they sure felt longer. Again, I just couldn’t pick up the pace and was waiting to hear my foot just detach itself. 

Luckily, this is the only race pic of myself I’ve seen so far. T-Rex arms.

I crossed the finish in 1:48:40. This is a 10 minute PR, but not my goal time. 

Splits: 8:04, 8:04, 8:12, 8:14, 8:10, 8:18, 8:10, 8:11, 8:21, 8:26, 8:28, 8:37, 8:32, 0:51

Yeah, not pretty. 


While I’m happy to have PR’d, I know that I can run better than that. There’s no reason I should be running 8:30’s now. I know that a big part of this was the foot pain I was in, but I also honestly think that I just wasn’t as fit as I could have been. It’s also hard to not compare myself to the speedy ladies of the BCTC and get a little discouraged. I have to remember how thrilled I was to run a 1:58 at Ramblin Rose two years ago. I couldn’t believe I’d run under 2 hours. So to take 10 minutes off of that is a big deal. But now I know I’ve got more to give!

Congrats to Jen, who ran a big PR!

Thoughts on the race

Pros: well organized, makes for a fun weekend getaway, mostly flat, fast course, the race director is super good looking

Cons: boring course, weather could be an issue (but wasn’t this year!), not a ton of crowd support

Overall I would do this half again, especially now that I know the course, but would stay away from the full. 

Congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend! You’ll find me in the pool aqua jogging for the next few weeks. 

Pre race zen  (at Wrightsville Beach Access 29)

Pre race zen (at Wrightsville Beach Access 29)

Ugh. We meet again. #injured #worstswimmer

Ugh. We meet again. #injured #worstswimmer

Endorphins FTW! #humpday #sweatyselfie (at Sutton Station)

Endorphins FTW! #humpday #sweatyselfie (at Sutton Station)

Blustery 4 miles. Might have been a good tights day…

Blustery 4 miles. Might have been a good tights day…

Bonking, Slacking, and just Relaxing


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it turns out that not every run can be rainbows and unicorns. Some runs pretty much just blow. You have the best of intentions - you charge your Garmin, pick out a cute outfit, get some sleep, and somehow still feel like crawling into a hole after 4 miles. At least, that’s what happened during my 13 miler on Sunday. Maybe it was the sudden warmth, or my lack of good nutrition the day before, but my body just. wouldn’t. go. Luckily, Jen pretty much felt the same way (it is always awkward when one person feels awesome and the other is wishing for death). So we pounded out our 13 miles slowly, reassured that we’d had a good track workout earlier in the week and some great long runs in the previous weeks. 

Monday was a nice easy 4 miles and yesterday was supposed to be my tempo run. But lunchtime came and I just didn’t want to do it. So guess what? I didn’t. Maybe this makes me a big lazy slacker (probably), but my body wanted a rest. It also wanted a burrito and a hot chocolate, so that’s what I gave it. In my defense, I did do core and body strength work yesterday. 

To me, running is something I do because I love it…which is good because, let’s be serious, ain’t nobody paying for that mess. So when my body tells me it needs a break, I try to listen. Sometimes it turns out that my body is just being lazy and I push through, sometimes it really just needs a day off. And a burrito. It always needs a burrito. And as it turns out, I’m pretty excited to run today at lunch. Hooray! 

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